Why you should have your wedding filmed – My Epiphany


I know it probably sounds a bit odd, a bit weird, a bit like I have lost my marbles, but to be honest I have been through a spell of wondering whether wedding videos really are that necessary lately.  However I want to talk about a recent epiphany I have had about wedding videography.

Weddings these days aren’t just weddings are they?  They are fuelled by a wedding video “Industry”.  I’m not quite sure when weddings became an industry, but it’s true – every day, I get so many emails trying to entice me to wedding fairs, to sign up to wedding supplier websites, to enter national wedding competitions.  It has never sat terribly well with me that people’s marriages – possibly the most significant point in many people’s lives – have been hijacked by a wedding machine that tries to sell them all sorts of things which they don’t really need.  So, I think I am much more into the simpler sort of weddings – the ones where the bunting has been hand-stitched by Auntie Mildred, and the wedding cake has been bought by the bridesmaids.  As a filmmaker, I am interested in finding and telling the truth, and that is much easier to find at a simpler wedding.  At this point, please don’t mistake simpler with cheaper – I don’t think that they are the same thing at all.



Film is Different

So that’s where my cynicism about wedding videos comes from:  If I like ‘simpler’ weddings, then turning up and filming a wedding when there is generally a photographer there was starting to seem like overkill – I felt a bit like I was part of the problem.  I know that the function of a photographer and a videographer is very different:  Good photographers take beautiful photographs of the day which people have made into canvases for over the mantel piece which possibly have a wall-life of five years (after that they become a daily reminder of how the happy couple used to look younger and happier!)  Besides, their memorable day is replaced by other memorable day photographs – babies! pets! holidays!  However, film is different:  Some of my wedding couples email me on their anniversary every year to let me know that they have watched it all again and how glad they are that it is there for them to remember.  One mother of the groom wrote to me and told me that she watched the whole film every day for a year, but that going into year two she only watched it every Monday afternoon when she was doing the ironing.  It had become her guilty pleasure.  When I produce films, I watch them so much during the edit process that I become very interested (sometimes even more interested) in what’s happening in the background – People on the dance floor stealing a kiss; the looks of complete bemusement on small children’s faces – the list goes on.


My parents' wedding day in March 1965 with Grandad, Uncle John, Auntie Jean and little cousin Julie
Handsome, Happy Couple: My parents’ wedding day in March 1965 with Grandad, Uncle John, Auntie Jean and little cousin Julie


Something Changed

Then last month, something changed to quash my cynicism:  Last month I filmed two really rather lovely weddings.  One of them was a family wedding.  Now I know that all weddings are family weddings – of course.  However, this was my family wedding.  I filmed my second cousin Perry’s wedding.  He married Bekah.  It was a beautiful day.  Now, Perry is the son of my cousin Julie and Julie was the flower girl at my parents’ wedding fifty-one years ago.  This got me thinking about my parents’ wedding photographs of their wedding in 1965.  It’s now over half a century ago.  When I was seven or eight, I can remember pouring my way through their wedding album – looking right into the photographs.  When I was seven or eight, I distinctly remember trying to imagine what it was like to be there – to have mingled through the guests and to have watched it all happening in front of me.  I could never have that, because all I had was photographs, so I was left to imagine.  By the time I was seven years old, my mum and dad had probably been married for eleven years and we had left the swinging sixties and entered the mucky brown and orange seventies – their photographs showed such a different world.  And they also showed my younger grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousin and of course parents – people that I knew so well but didn’t know back then.  I would love to see a film like one of mine of my mum and dad’s wedding.  Now, this might sound a bit morbid, but it’s just an observation:  When we die, we are still – just like in photographs:  When we are alive, we move about just like in film!  Film keeps us moving for as long as that film exists – it really does immortalise us.

My lovely mum and dad: married for over fifty years and at last they make a wedding film cut 🙂


Now, call me out on this if you like, I don’t mind.  Maybe I have just had way too long to think about all of this and should just get a grip.  However, I have changed my mind about wedding films big time.  Everyone who gets married should have one…or if not that, everyone should have at least one film made of a significant event or day in their lives.  These days we can record and so we have little reason or excuse not to.  If you have your wedding filmed, you are inviting people you haven’t even met yet to your big day.  Look backwards – how incredible would it be to see a film of your great great grandparents’ wedding?  If you have your wedding filmed, that’s what you are giving to your great great grandchildren.




What am I going to do?

I’ve decided to offer something quite different as a wedding video package – something that I think is affordable and which I would probably want if I was getting married.  I’ve decide to offer a wedding film where the story of the day is told through extracts of the speeches and the ceremony and edited with cutaways of guests and moments.  The film lasts between twenty to twenty-five minutes and is something which you could watch whenever you liked – in fact it’s something which you could stream on your mobile phone so you could take it with you wherever you go.  The package does not include a full edit of the speeches and the ceremony – you have to trust that the best bits will be edited into your twenty minute feature.  If we could live our lives and only look back and see the best bits wouldn’t that be great?  That’s what I intend to do with this wedding video package.  Find out more on my price page.  The cost for your feature and a short trailer is £750 – that is for full coverage from preparations to evening do.  Now everyone can have a gorgeous Wedding Film 🙂


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