Kate and Jodan Got Married

Kate and Jordan got married in early September.  It had rained in buckets’-full the day before which was a Saturday (the more traditional day for getting married) and so I spent all of that day checking and checking to make sure that they were actually getting married on the Sunday!  That’s the thing with making films – it feeds your obsessive compulsive traits and keeps them well topped up!  Check, check, check again.  It never stops!

Anyway, Sunday arrived and the sun shone brightly.  It was a beautiful autumnal day albeit a bit soggy from the day before.  Kate and Jordan booked the Barton Grange at the last minute after Kate’s Grandma had successfully guilted them out of going to Mexico.
Jordan had proposed to Kate at lindeth Howe hotel in Windermere; he had the ring box in his pocket as Kate was watching TV before they went for dinner,  he just said ‘forget it I’ll do it now’, and got down on one knee. He was going to do it at dinner but thought the ring box in his pocket looked a bit obvious!!!
Kate and Jordan kiss
Civil Ceremony at Barton Grange
We arrived bright and early at the Barton Grange Hotel and went and found Kate who was getting ready with her mum and bridesmaids.  Kate had just dropped a chair on her foot and was trying to stem the bleeding – always an interesting challenge, especially when you are about to step into a white full-length frock!  Apart from that, all seemed relaxed.   Jordan was staying at the Marriott with his best mans and ushers, and was waiting to be collected by Broughton Wedding Cars who would bring them to the hotel for 12pm. Once they arrived, Jordan was  ushered away and Kate came out with her dad for a little trip in the car.
Lilac roses for Kate and Jordan
The flowers arrive from Gemma at Bluebells and Daisies
The Civil Ceremony started at 1:00pm and lasted for about twenty minutes – actually it was a bit late setting off because of traffic tailbacks on the M6 which had made some guests late – during the speeches, Kate’s Dad Chris later thanked everyone for coming from the four corners of the world, but especially thanked people who had fought their way through the traffic from Lancaster and Morecambe – It was undoubtedly the greatest challenge.  If you are from Lancaster and Morecambe district, this will chime a chord!
Once Ceremony One was down, there was still one to go – the Blessing.  Apparently, there has to be a definite break between civil ceremony and blessing and so Kate and Jordan had to leave the Barton Grange and go for another drive.  They arrived back for the blessing which was conducted by Jason McCullagh.  The blessing was beautiful, touching, personal with a twist of Walt Disney!
After the second ceremony it was time to bring out the canapés and Buck’s Fizz. Alex the Magician arrived and blew everyone’s minds with tricks for a couple of hours – I always find magicians a challenge to film because they are so unpredictable – that’s magic for you I suppose.
Lovely wedding breakfast and marvellous speeches from everyone – the room had been dressed by Gemma from Bluebells and Daisies and it looked fab-u-lous .
And then we were into the night do with Rob the DJ who is always rather brilliant at getting guests out of their seats and dancing within the first five minutes of his arrival – that’s what you want!  For guests who might have been flagging at that point, there could be no excuse for not getting up and dancing – as Rob said – what is the point of waiting until the end of the night to play your best songs?
Kate and Jordan just wanted their guests to have fun – and it was a really relaxed and fun day.  Before we packed away and left into the night, we filmed a few messages from parents and guests.  Always and nice touch – and a rmoment to document the emotions of the day for future generations – I always have to fight back tears or laughter during guest messages!
 Kate and Jordan
Stay happy Kate and Jordan.  And stay Gorgeous! x



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