Jemma and Owen Got Married

Well then.  Jemma and Owen’s wedding was a very special day indeed.  You see, we attended as guests 🙂 I’ve known Jemma and Owen since the two of them joined up as students on the National Diploma Course in Film and Television Production.  Back then, I ran the Course at Lancaster and Morecambe College.   So you see?  If I hadn’t accepted one of them onto the Course, Jemma and Owen would never have met.  And if you follow that through, they would never have fallen in love and they would never have got married last week.  It was the fickle fine of fate that brought them together.  Now far be it for me to over-egg my significance in their relationship, I did keep telling them both that I wanted my own table at their wedding and possibly needed to do a speech, and probably should have done a reading and possibly conducted the ceremony. My demands seemed to fall on stony ground.  However, I did notice that on the day, Owen did thank me during his speech for being the ‘architect of his and Jemma’s love’.  It’s on film.  It made me very happy.  I might use it as a tag line and have it tattooed across my forehead…

Here’s the trailer I made of their day – Owen performed a poem that he wrote for Jemma seven years ago!  I did think that it was a shame that Owen isn’t called ‘Owem’ and then it rhymed with poem, but that was just a fleeting thought.  The pair of them are huge fans of Futurama and so you much watch the film just to take a look at the most amazing wedding cake ever which was produced by The Crazy Cake Company.  Oh, well you must watch it anyway to see how very gorgeous our couple are.  Jemma looked stunning in her fishtail dress which just suited her hourglass figure and made her look like a star.

But wait, wedding days aren’t all about me, they are all about YOU!!  Jemma and Owen’s day was sublime.  It was a perfect day and the sun shone which after the wettest winter in the history of weather was brilliant.  The were married at the Registry Office and then moved onto Forrest Hills which is a relatively new wedding venue between Lancaster and Galgate.  It’s a quirky place, a bit like a hobbit house, and suited Jemma and Owen.  Sometimes, wedding days can be balls of stress.  However, their day was just lovely – people getting together and enjoying their togetherness.

I enjoyed so much of my days as a lecturer.  However, I didn’t think I’d ever end up as a guest at my students’ wedding!  Two of the finest people and special friends I know – stay Gorgeous you two 🙂


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