Be The Best Man You Can

Something that we have noticed over our years of filming weddings, is the pressure heaped on Best Men!  The level of expectation on the Best Man delivering an hilarious speech is often huge!  No that’s all well and good if you are a cool, collected, outgoing Best Man.  However, we often see the confidence of Best Mans ebb away in front of us, as every guest who engages in any conversation with them, slaps them on the backs and says things like, “Looking forward to your speech” (slap on back, wink, wink, laugh).  People expect to be entertained by the Best Man.  But then, they haven’t generally been selected because they are hilarious – they’ve just been friends with the groom for a long time.

With this in mind, we came up with an idea that what those Best Mans who are lacking confidence, presentation skills or are generally just not funny, would benefit from a quirky best man speech film.  We feel sorry for Best Mans – this high expectation is a shame – and we’ve seen it wreck some Best Mans’ wedding day – especially if they have to wait to do their speech until after the wedding breakfast.

On the flip side, and possibly a worse scenario is those Best Mans who think they are hilarious but actually they are deadly boring… boring to the point that the bride goes to the bar during the speech.  Some Best Mans never seem to know when to stop talking:  Their solution to not having the ability to write a fantastic speech is to talk and talk and talk in the hope that if they keep going long enough, something funny might emerge.  In our books, less is more and a 4 minute, short sharp speech beats a 20 minute ramble any day.

Our solution is to make a Best Man’s Speech Film which completely takes the pressure out of a Best Man’s speech because all it involves doing is pressing play, sitting down and watching the film you made three weeks before the wedding!  What a cool idea.

At Gorgeous Media Weddings, we try to help, we try to innovate and push the idea of wedding videos into all sorts of different directions.  What our Be The Vest Man trailer and if you are really want to take the pressure off your Best Man, give us a call on 01524 841031.





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