A Norfolk Wedding – Perry and Bekah Got Married

Well, we’ve had quite a couple of weeks of weddings!  I don’t film too many.  I think I’d get stale filming them week in week out.  However, we filmed two last week.  The second wedding was Perry and Bekah’s.  Perry and Bekah are family – Perry is my second cousin – so it was a different experience as I tried to switch between being filmmaker and guest.  As the day wore on, I seemed to transition into more of a guest than a filmmaker! I felt a bit outrageous sipping Pims and eating canopes as I filmed at the reception.  I liked it though!  But I probably shouldn’t make a habit of it 🙂

Perry and Bekah live in Norwich and so going and working down there was interesting:  I mean, up here in Lancaster, we have hills.  Down there, they have no hills (or nothing that we’d call hills anyway) but very big, impressive skies! It’s just very different.  Their wedding was marvellous.  The attention to every detail was just breathtaking, but at the same time they were so relaxed – what would happen would happen.  The day before the wedding, we had a drive round to check out St. Peter’s Church and the reception venue – Oxnead Hall.  Both were beautiful and under any normal circumstances, we might have got some cheeky cutaways to insert into the final film to save time on the day.  However, the forecast for the wedding day was dismal compared to the gloriously sunny day the day before, so we were thwarted – although I did try filming a few things when the sun went behind clouds.

Perry and Bekah got married


Perry stayed at Oxnead Hall the night before the wedding and Bekah stayed in Norwich at home with some of the girls.  We went and caught up with Bekah on Saturday morning.  She arrived at the Church in style in Derek’s MG – Derek (or TLD as I prefer to call him – TLD standing for The Lovely Derek) is my big (that is older) cousin Julie’s husband.  He has restored and converted his MG into something which exceeds the title of “Classic Car”.  It’s a dream.  I saw men drooling over TLD’s car.

TLD Derek's amazing MG... and Pery and Bekah

On the other side of things, some guests took a big red double decker bus from oxnead to the church (which then took them all (including the bride and groom) back to Oxnead after the church ceremony).

Perry and Bekah had  chosen Oxnead Hall as their wedding venue because it had to be somewhere that none of their friends had got married before (so that people weren’t comparing weddings) and they wanted somewhere that would let them do their own thing. Therefore hotel wedding packages with chair covers were definitely out!! They looked at a couple of places north of Norwich in the countryside because of the stunning backdrop, and Oxnead gave them that. The gardens are amazing there as well as the rooms of the house.

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh
Perry and Bekah’s colour scheme was Navy blue and yellow – it was meant to be a bit of a seaside theme, but without the deck chairs and sandy feet! The yellow was a sunflower colour as Bekah had some of these in her bouquet. They went for the blue and yellow seaside colours because that’s where they got engaged –  they’d put on their wellies to go for a walk to burn off some of the Christmas excess up at Cromer, and Perry drew a stick man in the sand with a speech bubble with ‘marry me’ in it. Then he got down on one knee to propose. Thankfully Bekah said yes so they went for fish and chips washed down once they got home with some champagne cunningly placed in the fridge out of sight!

This was a delicious film to make – seeing so many of my relatives on the day was lovely (although they were a bit prone to coming over and chatting so they were a bit distracting!).  Recording family events like these is important – I got that feeling even more when my family made up some of the cast and characters of the day.  In future though, I must make a note to self:  “Make sure you end up in at least one of the shots!” x

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