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Below is our price list and package descriptions for a Gorgeous Media Wedding film.

Wedding can be expensive.  In fact I've had friends that have started planning 'low key, simple' weddings who have gone to one wedding fair and that's it - they turn through 360 degrees and end up going for the whole caboodle.  I used to think that wedding films were unnecessary until I had my epiphany a few years ago (have a read of my blog post on the subject - you'll see where I'm coming from!).  Now I think everyone should have their wedding filmed - as a record which can be looked back at long after you've gone - something not just for the grandchildren, but the great, great, great, great grandchildren! Imagine that - it's your gift to your future unborn generations.

Shylo and Georgia got married Gorgeous Media Weddings filmed them throughout the day
Kate and Jordan filmed by Gorgeous Media Weddings
Perry and Bekah got married

We offer a choice of two wedding video packages:

Package 1 includes...

Pre-wedding meeting and advice.

Full day coverage from bridal preparations through to your evening party (by one camera operator - using two DSLR cameras and additional kit)

Your wedding feature (on average 20 minutes) which includes shots taken from your ceremony and your speeches.

2-3 minute highlights film for upload for social media and sharing with friends and family etc.

Your films available for download.



Package 2 includes...

Pre-wedding meeting and advice to help us to get the most of your film.

Full day coverage from  bridal preparations through to your evening party (by two camera operators - using three DSLR cameras, steadicams, radio mics)

Your wedding feature (on average 20 25 minutes).  Get in touch and I'll send you an example 🙂

2-5 minute highlights film for upload to social media and sharing with friends and family

Complete real-time edits of ceremony and speeches

Your films presented in HD format on presentation USB and available for download (as required)


(Check out Laurie and Carl's film above to see rather a gorgeous example of a 20 minute wedding feature)

We always try to tailor our films to suit your requirements - so if you would like to discuss other options, get in touch and let's start tailoring.

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